Welcome to Scotland

We hope you enjoy your visit to Scotland and that you return home with happy memories of our marvellous landscape.

Driving on our roads requires great care and this page gives advice on the correct use of "Single Track Roads" and a reminder to "Drive on the Left".

Drive on the left
Every year we have a number of road traffic accidents caused by visitors straying to the wrong side of the road. This usually happens after a momentary lapse in concentration and, needless to say, the consequences of such an action can be fatal. To help you remember to Drive on the Left, arrows have been painted on some roads.

When driving you must remain alert at all times as you are responsible for the safety of your passengers and other road users.

Do not be distracted by your passengers or the scenery.

Remember to stop the car if you become tired. Involve your passengers in the drive. Encourage them to look out for danger.

Remember to Drive on the Left
particularly when:

Single Track Roads
Single Track Roads are only wide enough for one vehicle. Stop in a passing place on your left to allow approaching traffic to pass.

Also...Do not hold up following traffic. Stop in a passing place on your left to allow them to overtake. Be prepared to give way to traffic coming uphill.

Important...if the passing place is on your right, wait opposite to allow traffic to pass. You must stay on the left and not cross to a passing place on your right.

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